Java EE Notes

Here are some notes I made during a Java Enterprise Edition course I recently completed.

Java EE

  • Interface, not implementation.
  • Container runs various applications and manages the communication between them. Never communicate directly with an app, ask container to communicate for you.
  • Container masks request details, converts to http request to servlet.
  • Everyone imlements the standard (to be certified as Java EE server), some add extra things to it.


    Maths Tutoring Website Launched

    A friend of mine is a mathematics tutor and I offered to help her pick up a few new students. So I just whipped up a little one-page website for her. I like doing this simple stuff because it makes a big difference over having no website at all and it doesn't cost me too much effort. Something I can cram in to my busy schedule.

    NoteTutes with Express 3.0: Jade layouts, partials and includes

    Express 3.0 removed partials and layouts and now expects the template engine to take care of them. Many tutorials and helpful websites are now "broken". Here's how to make the NodeTutes Episode 10 work:


    (changed lines in bold)

    A Bad Application Can Be Worse Than None at All

    Recently I changed my mobile service over to Másmovil (Spain).

    I discovered I could log onto a client area on their website where I could consult my usage and change configuration.

    Since I saw an option to enable roaming, I did so.

    Grails GORM Association Quick Reference

    GORM is very functional but not totally intuitive - every time I model relationships I again have to consult the Grails user guide to remember the differences between all the options. So I’ve written a quick-reference. This is a work in progress so there might be errors, sorry!

    One to one


    class Car {
      Registration registration

    class Registration {

    Android Smartphones with Accelerometers Which Work with the Screen Off

    Do you find that activity monitoring applications like pedometers don't work (receive events / count steps) when your phone screen is switched off? It's not a bug in Android itself but rather a choice or bug of the hardware manufacturer. Some phones work, some phones don't. If you're looking to buy a new phone and you need the accelerometer to work in standby mode (with screen off), this guide might help you. It's a list of information I collected about the issue on the internet. In each case I've listed the source - where I got the information so you can look it up yourself.

    Access grailsApplication from a Static Context in a Domain Class in a Non-Deprecated Fashion

    The title says it all; referring to Grails and the fact that static access to the grailsApplication object is now deprecated. So how are you supposed to do it? The answer thanks to Burt Beckwith is in this post: static grailsApplication access from a domain class. Thanks Burt. The chance that anyone else ever searches this complicated concept in the same terms as me is somewhat rare… but if they do they will no doubt be happy to find this post.

    Drupal 7 i18n Architecture Q&A

    Greg Sims wrote me an email the other day asking for some Drupal 7 internationalisation architecture advice, having seen the Christian Assemblies International website for which I’m the tech lead. Here is his email (reproduced with permission), my answers interspersed.

    Hey John,

    HTML5 Video Subtitle Wrap-up

    You want to be cool, innovative, open and all that. Or perhaps, you just want your videos to work on iOS. Either way you’re going to have to replace Flash video with HTML5 video on your website. This is a practical guide to HTML5 video solutions for those that need subtitles or captions (the “track” element) to be available on their videos.

    How to Install ActiveMQ as a Service on 64 bit Windows

    Follow this guy's instructions for installing it with procrun.


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