How to Run Redis as a Service under Windows

  1. Download the Windows Redis port by Dušan Majkić. Extract it to C:\Program Files\Redis or your desired directory.
  2. Download the Windows Redis service program by Konstantin Cherenkov and put it into the same directory.
  3. Run the following (or follow the instructions on the Windows Redis Service page):

Install Redis 2.4.5 as Service on Centos 6

On my initial attempt of installing Redis on a development Centos machine I kind of balanced "getting something going" with "doing it right". Now I had to install it into production so I actually paid attention to exactly what I was doing (I mainly followed in the footsteps of this guy who has written a nice albeit harder to interpret guide). Here are the steps:

Solution for 1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type mx.core:IFactory

Got this error in Flex?

1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type mx.core:IFactory.

You tried the following type of thing in your MXML and it worked:


But now you set it in actionscript and you get this error.


item.itemRenderer = "new ClassFactory(MyItemRenderer);"

Header Renderer Example

In my case I had the following in my Flex 4.6 project and it was working fine:

A Shorter PIN Might Be More Secure against Smudge Attack

In an interesting little mathematical exercise, Zach Pace from the team implementing the new picture sign-in for Windows 8 says that on a phone with a 4-digit pin, 4 unique digits is the most secure against a smudge attack. I contend that he is wrong, and that 3 unique digits would be more secure.

The Best CS Graduates Can Even Write "Hello World"

I've just been reading some fascinating articles. This guy writes a post of which I would describe about the first third as fascinating, correct, vital insight for its target audience (young developers). The rest of the post is interesting too. He mentions some interesting information, such as the allegation lots of programmer job applicants can't actually program. Is it true? Let me tell you a story:

How to install Redis as a service on Centos 6.0

Update: Please checkout my new and improved (incidentally how can something be new and improved? Either it's new, or it's improved, in which case it's not new) article Install Redis as Service on Centos 6, which is a better guide.

Flex Print-Specific Chart

The documentation on printing in Flex is pretty sparse. There are some unrealistically simple examples and no treatment of real printing situations, apart from an interesting article (in the Flex 4.5 doco in this case) called using a print-specific output format. It would be great to see more comprehensive examples along this line involving other objects. For example, what about printing charts?

Grails CodeNarc Jenkins Integration

Robin Bramley has kindly integrated the CodeNarc XML output with the Hudson Integrations plugin and explained to us how to get this working nicely with Grails.

I encountered a few obstacles getting it going on my new Jenkins installation.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS): A Crowd in a Department Store

What is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)? Imagine you work in the shoe section of a department store called “Harold’s”. People come to you to ask advice about shoes and try them on, and if they like them they go off to the cash register and buy them. In an IT sense you’re a “server” that might normally “serve” web pages to people surfing the internet.

Horse Floats Site in Australia

I'm helping some people out with their horse floats business in Australia. The site is based on the platform which allows a novice user to create a relatively nice site, but presents its set of challenges.


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