Creating Stylish Vocabulary Overview Pages in Drupal

Recently we received the following request on the Christian Assemblies website:

Paste as Unformatted Text in Word and Office 2007

Yep - it's one of those features that you need multiple times a day, but Microsoft didn't manage to create a direct shortcut for it! Of course they did have time to come up with a shortcut to display the Research task pane (ALT+SHFT+F7) - that thing you didn't even know existed.

Anyway the good news is they did include the next-best thing - a shortcut to paste special. It's CTRL-ALT-v. From there you can reasonably painlessly arrow to the "plain text" option and hit return.

An Investigation of Some SEO Firms and Practices

I just stumbled upon the most original and interesting post I've read on SEO for a while. I quite like the way the author put some money in and did some real research to make a unique article. Here are my thoughts in response, which of course will only make sense after you've read the article in question...

The FSF Has Hijacked the Word "Free"

I think the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has hijacked the word "free".  To most people "free" means without cost. Of course in English it has a number of other meanings, for example a seat can be free. However the FSF uses the word to describe a restrictive form of licence that ensures that any person that comes into posession of such licenced software is free to do with it anything that the FSF thinks would be good.


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